• Empower your sales force

    Ready to go mobile connectivity. Don't depend on someone's else internet connection for you to make a sales presentation.

  • Make any trip enjoyable

    No roaming charges and control who can connect, for who long and what they can access.

  • Better service for passengers

    Differentiate yourself by providing free wifi to your passengers

  • Extend your coverage beyond the shores

  • Share adventure with your friends

  • Connectivity for construction sites

  • Hotspot for visitors

    No need to use LTE to enjoy great features. Connect to existing wired network and provide an isolated and controlled wireless hotspot for visitors. Perfect for conference rooms, hotels or public events. 

  • Guest Wi-Fi

    Make waiting rooms enjoyable with guest WiFi access. With every login, advertise your website and other services with customized hotspot login page.

Wireless without limits

The mobile hotspot that brings internet wherever you are, over nationwide wireless LTE network or wired network. With integrated GPS, it is a perfect companion for any mobile vehicle 

Secured connection

Connect your device over a private and secure network

Integrated GPS

Location tracking GPS to show you real-time position on the map

Better LTE reception

Stronger than a mobile phone and provides reliable and faster connection

Extended Wi-Fi coverage

Strong wifi signal provides access in 50m radius

Plug and play

Auto boot, no need for configuration, just power and connect

NFC and QR code

Auto configure WiFi settings using NFC or QRcode

Wired Ethernet

Connect wired devices that are not wifi enabled

Use LAN or WAN network

Connect to a wired network and save LTE data plan

Access contrll

Control who can connect, when, how long and set traffic limits

Usage notification

Get a notification when close to the usage cap

Block web sites

Block websites with heavy bandwidth, like YouTube

Usage statistics

Get a traffic usage report